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About Us

Who we are

The Carrot Company is a global cryptocurrency project that provides opportunities in many branches of the world of decentralized finance. We aim to create projects that will provide the blueprint for steady economic growth within these sectors. These branches include futures trading, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse.


Carrot Company’s mission is to make web3 accessible to the general public and build tools that promote adoption and economic success. With nearly two decades of experience in traditional financial institutions, we aim to play an instrumental role in advancing web3 to become the digital world standard.

Our Foundation

Our team at the Carrot Company is fueled by the desire to extend opportunities to individuals interested in decentralized finance. We share the vision of innovation and plan to build robust tools alongside our communities. We are inspired by the notion of helping and educating others while simultaneously creating a product that can restructure the way we think of cryptocurrency as it stands today.

Our Team

The people who work at Carrot company share the vision, values and foundation of the community. We are inspired by the notion that hard effort, skill, and enjoyment produce the finest results. We will work together alongside the community to build robust tools that will ease user adoption towards the next cycle of the internet.various price points & LIMITED QUANTITY of each brand to ensure our “unique” nature.


Traded volume on perpetual crypto futures in 2021 alone.

16 Years

trading the financial markets including commodity and energy futures.


Trades placed in 2021, making us one the highest frequency traders in the business.


Annualized returns year on year since 2018 in the crypto market.


Feel free to have a look at all services Carrot Floor provides!

Carrot Floor

The Carrot Floor is a signaling service that we provide where traders from all levels can follow our top trader live. Investors will have the opportunity to observe these trades as they happen and will have complete control over their funds.

Carrot Coin

The $CROT token is the official token of the Carrot company. Investors can hold and stake tokens for passive income. Our passive income is rewarded in $CROT tokens which can be converted to USDT.

Carrot Pool

The Carrot Pool provides access to passive income through futures trading. Investors will be rewarded through our pool once they choose to participate. Our top trader is responsible for generating profits and distribution to investors.

Carrot Pass

Our project was created with the intention of bringing sustainability to the market with the utility that our specific NFT provides. Our NFT project has a limited supply and will be overseen by our advisory board to select future holders with access to passive income.


Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder & CTO
Chief Strategist
Head of Operations


What is CROT Token?

The CROT token is the official coin of the carrot company.

What are the advantages of being a CROT Token Holder?

As a CROT token holder, you will have the opportunity to earn passive income through staking.

What is the source of passive income?

The passive income provided to CROT Token holders will be provided through futures trading. We rely 100% on profit-making from trading. Profits are first calculated in USDT and then converted into CROT tokens which are how holders will be rewarded.

What are the guidelines for staking?

Each Carrot holder must hold on to their tokens/ NFT to receive their payouts consistently.

What are some restrictions for holders who will be staking?

Holders are required to hold their tokens/ NFT in order to keep earning passive income.

As Carrot token advances, in what ways will the liquidity and pool develop?

As the Carrot token advances, we plan to compound our profit-making and, thus, grow the pool for the Carrot Company. This will is done to increase passive income rewards overtime strategically.


Connect with us.

We here at the Carrot company are always open to ways to improve our initiatives and provide value to members and investors. We are available to anyone who would like to contact us regarding our services or other related inquiries. Please feel free to reach out through any one of our platforms.

ERC20 Street
Ethereum, ETH 4800
Contract Address: 0x147040173C4f67EF619E86e613667D8A4989757C

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